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If you have any questions about ordering a custom cake you might find the answers on our FAQ page.

To ensure the quality of each order we must remain in “cake land” while creating. We do our best to respond to enquiries as soon as possible. Please do allow 1-2 business days for reply.

Thank you, we look forward to speaking with you.



    Important information:
    Store your cake in a cool and dry place.
    Transport your cake flat, in the boot or foot well of a car.
    Once viewed and taken from our premises we can no longer accept responsibility for the cake.
    * I accept and agree to the above.

    Data Protection:
    The Coffee Post will receive your information provided above and contact you in relation to your enquiry. We may also record your IP address as part of this data exchange. We will retain this information in case of any subsequent booking you may make.
    We will not contact you for any reason other than that for which you completed this form. We will never share or sell your information.
    You have the right to request your details are removed from our database; contact hello@coffeepostfairford.co.uk at any time to request this.
    * I accept and agree to the above.